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Welcome to the Mahanati Savitri Website!

This website was launched on the 84th birthday (December 6, 1935) of Mahanati Savitri, she is one of the greatest actresses in Indian film industry. This website was launched  as an admirer of her , immense pleasure and passionate of her inspired acting. 

We collected most of the information from internet and tried to consolidate Savitri garu  bio and film related information and tried to put in single place where admirers of her will be more happy to see her.  

We put our best efforts in consolidating the data and  it is quite possible that some of the information given in this website may be error or  inaccurate.  As the authenticity of the information is established we will make appropriate and warranted changes to this website so that the accuracy and integrity are maintained.

We will keep adding the content on the go and tried to elevate and publish her talent and divinity by posting her photos, audios and movies acted by her for the future generations.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this website is dedicated to Savitri’s fans.  It is in no way associated with her family or relatives.

We extend a warm welcome to all our visitors to this website!